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Cancer patients, their families, and caregivers draw strength by hearing others like them and their survivor stories. If you are a cancer survivor who wants to share your story as inspiration for others, please provide below.

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Meet Olga

“My advice is to find a wonderful team of doctors that you connect with,” says Olga. “That team is very important – when you have a team that you’re happy with, go to a second or third opinion. Find a cancer support group. And remember, it is so important to be positive in this process.”

letters of strength

“Keep being a light to the world in the darkest of times. The world desperately needs people like you in it.”

Meet Quincee

“I can never say enough about the importance of arms wrapped around you in support,” Quincee says. “We have this huge thing about cancer being a death sentence and it’s the end of everything, yet there is so much that can be done for it.”

Meet Alex

“My advice would be, one, stay positive. Your attitude and the way you confront this journey is going to determine a lot,” says Alex. “And the other thing would be don’t push anybody away because you’re going to need those people in your life.”

Meet Folasade

“There is a history of cancer in my family,” Folasade explains. “I’m so lucky to have caught it at stage one. If I had not gone for my annual mammogram, nobody would have found out because I had no symptoms.”

Meet Carson

“I was four years old when I was diagnosed with Leukemia,” explains Carson. “Being diagnosed at such an early age, it envelops your life. It’s eye-opening how prevalent and scary this stuff is but you just have to stay positive and stay strong.”

Meet Bill

“For most of my life, ‘big C’ was something to be scared of,” Bill says. “I don’t think it is something to be scared of – it’s something to combat. It’s like any other disease, you have to do something to overcome it.”