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Cancers in children and adolescents are often more difficult to recognize because early symptoms may be nonspecific compared to adult cancers. While most adult cancers result from lifestyle factors, the causes of childhood cancers remain unknown.

Parents should schedule regular health checkups for their children, and be aware of any unusual or persisting symptoms, including:

  •   Unusual mass or swelling.
  •   Unexplained paleness and/or loss of energy.
  •   Sudden tendency to bruise.
  •   Persistent, localized pain or limping.
  •   Prolonged fever or illness
  •   Frequent headaches, often with vomiting.
  •   Sudden eye or vision changes.
  •   Excessive and/or rapid weight loss.
Los tipos de cáncer en niños pueden tratarse mediante una combinación de terapias dependiendo del tipo y la etapa del cáncer. A fin de brindar una atención óptima, los niños, incluidos los adolescentes, se deben diagnosticar y tratar a través de un equipo multidisciplinar especializado en tipos de cáncer pediátricos.


La organización Live Like Bella offers financial assistance with medical copays and basic needs such as gas, groceries, utilities, and more for families affected by pediatric cancer. The organization also works closely with families to offer memorial support, if needed. Visite Live Like Bella

Passport for Care allows pediatric cancer survivors and their health care team to support survivors’ health needs into adulthood by adapting their treatment plans. Visite Passport For Care

El Childhood Cancer Project aims to advance current cancer research and explore new ways to cure, control, and prevent disease by funding research that improves outcomes for children with cancer. Visite The Childhood Cancer Project

La Kids Cancer Foundation assists patients and their families by offering pediatric oncology patient care navigation, child enrichment programs, and educational advocacy. These include family support services such as tutoring, family socials, kids’ night out events, and gift card assistance. Visite The Kids Cancer Foundation

La Childhood Cancer Foundation in Volusia County, provides financial assistance to families of pediatric cancer patients through vouchers that pay for gas, meals, clothing, cell phone services, and more. Visite The Childhood Cancer Foundation

La Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation is a pediatric cancer charity and foundation that provides emergency financial assistance for pediatric cancer patients in need of basic necessities. The foundation serves children in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, and Pinellas counties. Visite Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation

El Children’s Cancer Center serves pediatric cancer patients and their families with emotional, financial, and educational support programs ranging from art therapy, counseling, FLIGHT camp, and many more. Visite The Children's Cancer Center

Visit the Sociedad Americana contra el Cáncer aquí.